Dylan Howard - Finding grit up against the clock in Spain.

Dylan Howard - Finding grit up against the clock in Spain.

For this route it was definitely a different type of process than most of my other projects, as I only had a short period of time in which I could do the route. 

On the first day of trying it I was able to do most of the moves and even make some nice links with on one attempt getting from the start to the halfway mark where there is an amazing rest. 
I came back once again the next day to try it and managed to do the same link but didn’t have the endurance left to go further so I decided to have a rest day. 
On the rest day I was so psyched for the entire day but knew that I shouldn’t do any climbing if I had any ambition of doing it so the day after that I decided to try it again. 
Sadly on that day it was really busy on the route because of the Rodellar Climbing Festival so I was only able to have one try on it and like the other two days I got to the halfway point and I overheard my dad talking to some people and I heard him say that my power endurance wasn’t quite there to do the route so I thought let’s give it a crack cos I was feeling good and somehow I managed to get to the last hard move and then fell but that was definitely a turning point as I knew the route was on but there was a clip I needed to skip so I tried to keep my head together. 
The next day I came back and I was getting quite shut down on the last hard move again and I then started to wonder if I could do it on this trip cos of the short time window we had so I had one more day left to do it.
The next day I did two warm ups and then me and my friend Marie-Clare went up to try and I got to the halfway point and was feeling so good on it and felt like this could be the go and I got to the draw I needed to skip and felt really good so I clipped it then managed to get past all the hard moves and clip the anchor. 

This is definitely the route I’m the most proud about not because of the difficulty but the fact that my determination helped me get up the route. 
Thanks to Split Tips for sponsoring me and always helping me with my climbing, always feels good knowing that I got some great friends helping me on my climbing journey 🤙🏻🤙🏻
From Dylan
Dylan is a young man and true South Wales local. I have had the personal pleasure of witnessing the training, commitment and rise of his own personal psyche, determination and dedication over the past 8 years. Culminating in a breathtaking season of improvement ticking multiple local test-piece boulders up to 7c+ and 8a sport. Simply, there is nothing better than watching the enjoyment of friends and younger community members thrive in the Way of climbing. More power to you brother. Thanks for your inspiration. 

ST Founder. 
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